Wayne De Mitis(non-registered)
Hi Phil, hope your doing well in this new way of life! Good Luck in the photography world! Take care.
S. Karp(non-registered)
Lots of nice shots. Good curation.
Fantastic Site, Maintain the beneficial job. thnx. cv http://ekonavigator.pl
William Boni(non-registered)
Great work that reflects an honest, unvarnished and unique view of the world. Black and white is perfectly suited for you.
Nice work. Love all of the black & white images.
Hank Hirschfeld(non-registered)
Wow, you have some very nice work. You have a very good eye. See you like B&W, me too but I mix it up with color too. You have a nice site, I am lazy and stick with flickr and Facebook. Flickr for my best and FB for best and the rest. My routine is Photoshop (have Lightroom but have used PS for so long I cannot adapt to LR) and my prime plug-in is NIK, I also have a couple of Topaz plug-in, but Nik is my favorite. Some time I will email to my iPad and do some editing using Photogene app. And then send them back to my PC. I have sold some of my stuff, I have the Epson 3880 so I can print up to 17x36, I also use Mypix2.com for some large canvas work, catch a sale,the do great work. I made about fifteen 24x36 on canvas, look great. Most of my work is with a Nikon D800(fantastic) and I have many lens but I love the 24-120 f4 VR and use it 95% of the time with a polarizing filter. Most of my music foots are either with a old 14mm Sigma or a Nikon 85mm f1.4.
P.S. Fuck the house!
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